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          Handtop digital provides professional and close technical advisory services, including full range of products consulting and technical advices,services,etc..

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          • HT5000UV, about which you may not know
          • May 14-17th, Handtop joins FESPA 2019 in Munich
          • FESPA Global Print Expo will be held in May
          • Invitation Letter: HANDTOP @FESPA EXPO 2019
          • Welcome to 2019 FESPA Global Print Expo!
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          2014.12Successfully launched new double board installation scheme for UV printer with Ricoh GEN5

          2014.12The R&D , installation and test of motor type UV lamp, and “Motor type UV lamp installation instruction” program finished, formally put into practical producing on 1st Dec.2014.

          2014.11Participated in 2014 CSGIA&2014FESPA& TextilePrintingChina2014

          2014.03Launched GEN5 series UV printer, and displayed in SIGN CHINA show in March and the FESPA Germany exhibition in May.

          2013.03The HT3116UV printer equipped with Kyocera KJ4 print heads which possess higher precision and hi-speed, opened a new high speed printing market.

          2012.10Released the HT3116UV flatbed printer, enriched the Handtop UV digital product line.

          2012.04Launched light-weighted UV digital printer HT1610UV FG5, entered personalized UV digital market.

          2011.11Successfully released HT3200UV HP12 which is a type of ultra-speed wide hybrid UV printer.

          2011.08The new HT2512UV-FG12, a type of high-class ultra-precision flatbed UV printer, entered the global market successfully.

          2011.07Displayed the new HT2512UV FP12 on SIGN CHINA and SGIA in Oct. in the US.

          2011.06Established ISO 9001:2000 quality control management system.

          2011.05The HT2512UV FP8 and HT2500UV HP8 passed the test of CET Color and entered American market successfully.

          2011.04Successfully designed hi-precision Ricoh series HT2500UV FG12 hybrid UV printer.

          2011.02The HT2500UV HP8 hybrid UV printer came out.

          2010.12HT2512UV FP8 finalized the design and entered industrial application market.

          2010.10HT2512UV FP8 passed the BETA test launched by Shenzhen Shuangwen Image Technology Co., Ltd

          2010.07The HT2512UV FP8 passed Alpha certification and displayed on (GUANGZHOU)INTERNATIONAL BUILDING DECORATION FAIR.

          2010.03The first Handtop experimental UV digital printer HT2512UV FP8 came out.

          2009.11Handtop team founded.