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          Fault Analysis
          HOME > SUPPORT > Fault Analysis

          Q:Vacuum Pump Buzzer alarm 1 Beep.

          Reason:The main vacuum pump is damaged or negative pressure is adjusted too low or negative pressure meter parameters are modified.

          Settlement:Replace the main vacuum pump or increase negative pressure or reset the parameters of negative pressure meter and reboot ink system.

          Q:Vacuum Pump Buzzer alarm 2 Beep.

          Reason:Negative pressure overrate.

          Settlement:Adjust the negative pressure to the normal range of -3.8 or so(Vary in different areas).

          Q:Ink Pump Buzzer alarm 3 Beep.

          Reason:Ink supply timeout.

          Settlement:Settlement: Check the ink tank, if the ink is empty, fill it, otherwise there may be ink pump damage or leak .

          Q:Communication Cable/Circuit Board Buzzer alarm 4 Beep.

          Reason:Communication failure between external device control board and head board.

          Settlement:Check the communication cable or replace the head board or external device control board.

          Q:Communication Cable/Circuit Board Buzzer alarm 5 Beep.

          Reason:The ink flows into the negative pressure box.

          Settlement:Check if the negative pressure too high or the liquid sensor malfunctioned, clean or replace the air pipe, replace the ink pressure valve if infiltrated.

          Q:Communication Cable/Circuit Board Buzzer alarm 6 Beep.

          Reason:Ink tank staving.

          Settlement:Locate the color and refill.

          Q:UV lamp automatically extinguished, or the ink can not be cured while the light is unstable.

          Reason:Filter cotton too dirty or the voltage is unstable or the lamp lifetime is over.

          Settlement:Replace the filter cotton or check the power supply or change the lamp.

          Q:UV Lamp Shutter The lamp shutter jammed causing the switch failure.

          Reason:High temperature expansion jam.

          Settlement:Check the causing of jamming and make mechanical modification.

          Q:Two magnitudes rocker switch UV lights or fans can not open, joint burnt black.

          Reason:Large current operation.

          Settlement:Replace the rocker switch, ensure the connections are solid when replacing.

          Q:¢4X2.4 Ink tube The negative pressure decrease and fluctuate when carriage running or the ink tube inside the chain leaks.

          Reason:Crushed by the high-speed running of the chain.

          Settlement:Replace the ink tube.

          Q:External device control board, Error:"Communication with peripheral unit control board is failed!"

          Reason:Computer case ungrounded, hot plugging communication cable or frequent shutdown.

          Settlement:Replace the external device control board, make sure the machine and computer is off when operating the communication cable, at least 30 seconds between each on/off, solid grounding of the computer case is necessary.

          Q:Photoelectric switch on the left base point Can't return to the base point on the left guide trail, photoelectric switch light keep lighting.

          Reason:Origin switch is stained with ink, the light is blocked.

          Settlement:Wipe clean with alcohol or replace.

          Q:Computer crash, all software unavailable.


          Settlement:Anti-Virus, or record parameters of color registration, temperature and voltage, then reinstall the computer and software.

          Q:Guide rail beam end cover Abnormal sound in the guide rail beam end cover.


          Settlement:Adjust the tightness of the fixed screw.

          Q:Almost every nozzle on the black ink print head presents serious inclined jet.

          Reason:Black ink print head surface is easy to be cured.

          Settlement:Use clean cloth with cleaner to clean the nozzle surface repeatedly until it's normal again.

          Q:Negative pressure regulating valve The negative pressure is not stable, and sometimes automatically becomes higher or lower and cause dropping.

          Reason:The dust in negative pressure control valve affected the air flow.

          Settlement:Clean the negative pressure control valve every month.

          Q:Data Transfer Card Error:"Can not find Data Transfer Card in the computer!\n".

          Reason:The data transfer card is not plugged in or the driver is not installed correctly or the gold finger is dirty.

          Settlement:Reinsert data transfer card or reinstall the driver or clean the gold finger.